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We have the safest, most effective, natural grill brush that isnʼt a brush at all. The Beaver Tail BBQ Scrapers is a better alternative to traditional wire-bristle BBQ brushes. Eliminating the danger of wire bristles and melted plastic toxins from being consumed. The Beaver Tail BBQ Scraper cleans your grill more effectively than traditional brushes.

The Beaver Tail BBQ Scraper ~ Bristleless ~ All Natural ~ Made In Canada ~ Beaver Tail BBQ Scraper Your Number 1 Supplier For The Best & Safest BBQ Scraper In Canada ~ Get Yours Today ~

What is a Bristleless BBQ Scraper?

Instead of wire bristles, the Beaver Tail BBQ Scraper is made of natural Cedar, handcrafted in Creston, BC,  Canada. It cleans any grill grate. The beveled edge design allows the paddle to quickly conform to your grill. The thicker blade slows wear ensuring a long product life. Essentially, it is like a big hand held Canoe Paddle. It has a long handle so that you can keep a safe distance from the hot grill, and it starts off with a flat edge for the BBQ. Once your BBQ is hot (450-500F) you will then start to scrape like you would with a bristle brush.


  • The grooves that form will scrape debris from the top and sides of your grill grates
  • Once grooves have formed, use on a hot or cold grill
  • Clean by wiping debris from grooves with a damp cloth
  • Periodically rub food-safe mineral oil on paddle
  • Store in dry area

The easy-to-grip handle and familiar paddle shape makes scraping away charred debris from your grill simple, safe and bristle-free on either hot or cold surfaces.

Beaver Tail BBQ Scraper ~ Bristleless ~ Wooden BBQ Scraper ~ 100% Canadian ~ Safely and Easily Clean Your Propane or Charcoal BBQ Grill

Why Choose Beaver Tail BBQ Scrapers?

Thin wire bristles often break off onto the grill, cling to food and can be swallowed. Bristles have been documented to puncture lungs and become lodged in peopleʼs throats, intestines and epiglottises (thatʼs the flappy part that covers your windpipe).

“Canadian surgeons are urging people to throw out wire-bristled barbecue brushes, because none of them have figured out a surefire way of removing the wires when they get stuck in peopleʼs throats.”
- CBC News, Aug 2016

The Beaver Tail BBQ Scraper is a safe alternative to dangerous bristle brush BBQ grill cleaners. Use it to safely and easily clean your propane or charcoal BBQ grill leaving nothing behind except a clean grill for cooking. The long handle on the Beaver Tail BBQ Scraper allows you to keep your hands away from the hot grill even when cleaning under multi-tiered racks. Over time, grooves will form matching your grill giving it a 'just for you' feel. Treat it like your favourite wood cutting board and it should last for many BBQ seasons.

The Beaver Tail BBQ Scraper ~ Bristleless ~ All Natural ~ Made In Canada ~ Beaver Tail BBQ Scraper Your Number 1 Supplier For The Best & Safest BBQ Scraper In Canada ~ Get Yours Today ~

Innovative, Natural BBQ Grill Grate Scraper - Far Safer than a Steel Brush

Without a doubt, steel brushes make effective barbecue grill grate cleaners, but they pose two risks – including a serious risk to human health. Not only can they damage the porcelain coating of grill grates, more significantly, they can leave behind tiny slivers of steel strands; and where do you think those metal slivers wind up? In its July 6, 2012 release 61(26);490-492, based on case reports, the CDC warned: “Persons who grill should be aware of the risk for ingestion of wire bristles from grill-cleaning brushes. They should examine their grills or consider alternative methods or products for grill cleaning to reduce exposure and potential injury.”

Instead, Scrape Your Barbecue Grates with this Grill Scraper Made of Wood

Eliminate any safety concerns with this clever wooden solution. Its leading edge is hewn to a fairly sharp point that renders it very effective for scraping away charred remnants from your grill’s grate and leaving behind no telltale signs, just a clean, smooth surface ideal for grilling. There’s a notch in one side of the paddle where the user is to place a hand in order to better control the board and increase pressure on the grate. Greater pressure means more friction, hence superior cleaning. Even better, the Beaver Tail BBQ Scraper board becomes even more effective with repeated use. What happens is the leading edge of the board gets shaped by the hot cooking grate so it begins to conform to the shape of the grate.

It’s Really Five Barbecue Grill Tools, All in One

Besides being an excellent grill scraper, this nifty board fills a number of other valuable roles. For instance, it’s thin enough to serve as a spatula and durable enough for use as a cutting board. The Beaver Tail BBQ Scraper is equally effective as a barbecue platter board onto which you can load the fruits (make that, meats) of your labor for transport to your kitchen counter or dinner table. Since wood doesn't readily transfer heat, the loaded board can remain on the counter or table fulfilling its fourth key role, as a trivet. Finally, use the notch in the board to hook the paddle onto a hot rack and pull it out of the oven. Best of all, the Beaver Tail BBQ Scraper should last the life of your grill. All you have to do to keep it in great shape is to clean it with soap and water only and re-apply butcher block oil or cream once or twice a month.

Thank you for visiting the Beaver Tail BBQ Scraper website. We offer the finest bristle-free barbeque scrapers for a safer, more enjoyable grilling experience.  Made from Canadian wood, these durable scrapers should last the life of your barbecue and are a great gift for anyone passionate about barbeques.